Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc.

What we have today is a video. It's a video that is without splick. That is to say, it is inexplicable. Actually, the video itself isn't so bad. It's the song that accompanies said video that I'm having a problem with. And it could be that I just don't get it. I'm not dismissing any possibilities. But I really think that I am being fairly accurate when I say that this might be one of the biggest piece of crap songs that I have ever heard in my life and I cannot for the life of me understand how in the world the video has garnered over 19 million hits on YouTube AND has made it into the top fifty downloads on iTunes! Since Blogger is being super fabulous this evening and may or may not be letting me put up the video (check at the bottom of this post to see if it's here), you might just have to click on the YouTube link above to check out this atrocity. I'll wait.

Are you back? How are your ears? Have you stabbed them out with sporks yet? The chick singing is a one thirteen year old Rebecca Black. And that brings me to some of my questions. (Trust me, there isn't enough room here for all of my questions.) Question one: Why does she feel to sing a song that is basically telling us the days of the week and the mundane-mess of her days? And in such a matter of fact way. She gets up. She goes downstairs. She eats cereal. And then comes the real pickle of her day...trying to make that gut wrenching decision as to whether she should sit in the front seat or the back seat! Then comes our lesson on the days of the week. Well, most of them. Thursday comes before Friday. After Friday is Saturday. After Saturday is Sunday. Thank God that her week in her song only seems to have four days as I don't think that I could have stomached hearing about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Seriously, I've heard songs that were basically about nothing, but this takes nothing-ness to a whole new level.

But wait! There's more! Suddenly, right in the middle of this debacle, a 30-year old rapper (for some reason) pops up in the middle of the video and begins his own matter-of-fact lyrics about absolutely nothing. Then after he's done, it's back to the thirteen year old white girl to continue singing about how it is Friday and "We so excited...We gonna have a ball today." Painful lyrics and poor grammar. Fabulous. What's with the rapper? What's he driving? Why is he having anything at all to do with a little 13-year old white chick? He seems to be chasing down the middle schoolers in the bus so that he can party it up with them. Why? Because it's Friday, that is correct.

I can only assume that this is some sort of quest to try to find the next Justin Bieber or something like that? I don't know where else this chick came from, nor do I particularly care. I wish that she'd go back there and take her song with her, though. And I don't necessarily care what day of the week that she does it on. She doesn't even need to sing to me about it. Even though she probably would and it would probably go something like this: "And Mary didn't care for me or my little song. So I went back from whence I came. My song was never played again. Not even on Friday. Or the day after that, which happens to be Saturday. Or the day after that, which I will tell you is Sunday. Now I am going to go upstairs to my room and never come out again. I don't know what to tell you about the rapper. My Dad wants to hurt and maim him, though. I think I smell biscuits."