Passementerie is French for tassels, cords and trimwork on clothing, hats, shoes, purses, and in home decorating. In France those who became experts at making tassels and trims were called "Passementiers", and an apprenticeship of seven years was required to become a master in the guilds. As time went on, various peoples developed variations on this, until by the time of sixteenth century in France the first Guild of Passementiers was created and documented the art of passementerie. The tassel was its primary expression, but it also included applied fringes, pompons (pom pom fringe), rosettes, gimps, frog enclosures, ornamental cords, and galloons. Galloons are ribbons of lace or braid of cotton or silk used for trimming or binding. Often with gold or silver thread or scalloped edges.

The French exported artistics tassels and trims at such low prices that no other nation developed a "trimmings" industry.

Tassel trim is a ribbon of trim that has small tassels attached the whole length of the trim. Tassels and their associated forms changed style throughout the years, from the small and casual of Renaissance designs, through the medium sizes and more staid designs of the Empire period, and to the Victorian Era with the largest and most elaborate. Some of these designs are returning today from the European and American artisans who may charge a thousand dollars for a single hand-made tassel.

Gimp trim is a narrow flat braid or rounded cord of fabric used for trimming; a tapelike trimming of silk, wool, or cotton, often stiffened with wire. Also called guimpe, guipure.

Pompons are a decorative ball of fluff. Pom-pons may come in many colors, sizes and varieties and are made from a wide array of materials, including fabric, wool, cotton, paper, plastic, or occasionally feathers.

Frog closures are a sewing notion which can be used like a button to close a garment. Frogs are usually highly ornamental, designed to enhance the garment they are sewn onto in addition to acting as a closure. One end of the ribbon is folded over onto itself numerous times, creating a pattern of knotwork which is used to affix the frog closure to the garment. The other end is used either to make a loop or a ball of cord. Silk ribbons or cords are used to make a frog closure.

Rosettes are an ornament or badge made of ribbon or silk that is pleated or gathered to resemble a rose and is used to decorate clothing or is worn in the buttonhole of civilian dress to indicate the possession of certain medals or honors. It's a rose-shaped arrangement of ribbon or other material, used as an ornament or badge. It can be ornamental or used as part of badges of honor.

Bullion fringe is a thick trimming of cord covered with gold or silver thread, for decorating uniforms, clothing or in home decorating.

Here are some examples on the fashions of yesteryear.

I got on Google and found some examples of passementerie and how they are used in the home. I hope you enjoy!

This tassle incorporates a rosetts made with cording and a tassel made of ribbon.