Spring Cleaning Tips

Now is the time to clean out your coat closet. You need to empty the pockets of your coats and take the coats to the cleaners. I have a fox fur jacket and I need to take it to be cleaned, a tear repaired and then put in storage. Put all the gloves, hats and scarves in plastic boxes so they will stay dust free. If you need to, have a box for each person so that you can keep it separated. Purge anything that is torn, too dirty or is missing a match. Wipe down the coat closet shelf and don't forget those doors, especially the vented bifolds. Whew they get dusty! While it's empty (with the coats being cleaned), it's a good time to paint it if needed. Try different colored coat hangers for each person. Color coding came sometimes be very helpful. For instance you could use black hangers for hubby, white for you, blue for Jr. and pink for Missy.