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Hello, dear visitors, have some excellent drumming for you..hope you'll take up the offer and enjoy..

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With his second album "Power To The Soul" Gordon Odametey summarizes his experience as a drummer and presents an artistically well balanced result of 20 years of drumming. The 'classical' use of traditional patterns of rhythm is accentuated, however, the musician' s preference for free drumming is easily to be recognized. Gordon Odametey has been living in Berlin for 15 years. He comes from a Ghanian family of musicians and healers and combines experiences made in the diaspora with those of the origins of drumming. In addition to the aesthaetic effect of sounds "Power To The Soul" deals with the power inherent in music: the freeing of emotions and being aware of them. I have to say that the title track - violent, visceral and explosive - is one of the most thrilling demonstrations of percussion I've heard. And so it proceeds - it's rare for a drumming album to approach the spiritual, and anyone who's ever tried to assemble a band knows the difficulty of finding a drummer who also understands music. But this prodigious Ghanaian provides a glowing lesson of what can be achieved by holdness, intuition and good hands. Gordon Odametey's music trancends an overwhelming joy of life.

Power To The Soul (160mb)

01. Power To The Soul 4'15
02. Assase 3'54
03. Warrior - Kpalogo Live Solo 3'35
04. Okemi Ekpe 3'52
05. Noko Ye Dzen - Djembe Live Solo 5'07
06. Flying Gods 5'01
07. My Hometown 7'48
08. The Queen Is Born 4'00
09. Jungle Walk 8'53
10. Aseriso 7'26
11. Nana 2'44
12. Ogidi Gidi 4'28
13. Wala Aba 5'01

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