Love Those Vintage Kitchens

I love vintage kitchens. When I was shopping for our last house I went to dozens of houses. I'm not one of those who can look at 3 houses and pick between the 3 like they do on the house hunter shows on TV. It's the biggest purchase you make and I was going to find just what I wanted. Anyway, all that shopping meant I got to see a lot of different "insides". One house I went to was a time capsule of the 1950's. The previous owners had not done anything to the house since it was built. Even the "built-in" TV was still there. The old black & white was set into it's special slot in the brick wall beside the fireplace. The kitchen was period perfect even down to the original appliances and the original intercom. Another home I visited was so much like "My Three Sons" down to the Uncle Charlie bedroom and bath just off the kitchen. The room for the live-in servant! It still had the checkered vinyl floor in the kitchen. Another house was a "modern" 1960's ranch with the original kitchen cabinets with the sliding frosted glass doors. I could go on. These kitchens were the real thing, a period piece of history!

Many people are living in homes that were built in the "old days". These vintage kitchens are still being used today. Unfortunately, I don't believe we build homes to last like that any more. But if you have one of those older homes with a true vintage kitchen, I hope you consider keeping it and using it's charm to decorate with. I understand if you can't, especially the old appliances. But if you can I hope you will. If you can't, maybe you could try to retain your older home's ambiance by creating a retro kitchen, a vintage kitchen look.

I used a Google search looking for the kitchen vintage style and found so many wonderful photos. I loved looking at all the ideas and the vintage advertisements and I hope you will too. Some are kitchens that are new but they did a good job making them look old! Some are old kitchens but updated a little. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos like I did!

What about this built-in baby playpen in the kitchen?