Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout, Shannon? Part Deux

I was right. Shannon Price is the gift that keeps on giving. Man. Now, I really didn't mean to drag this out for three days. Why TMZ can't just put all of their footage of this whack job in one place, I don't know. But if I am to assume that this is the last of it (it being the odd, odd interview that she gave to TMZ), then TMZ saved the best for last because this stuff is pretty good.

It has become evident to me that this girl was far from intelligent. I'd call her dumb, but that just doesn't seem very nice. She appears to be under the impression that she is a hot item right about now in the aftermath of the demise of her pocket-sized husband. Yeah, she's not receiving all of this attention because we're so fascinated with her eloquence of speech. She's receiving the minimal amount of attention that she is because she has said some weird things in this interview. And none of them are what you would expect from the supposedly now grieving Widow Coleman.

Now, according to TMZ, this interview was shot the day after Gary's death. In the
one part, she spends an awful lot of time discussing finances, mainly how she has none. Stick with me here and see if you can spot the irony in these segments.

"We went to Vegas a lot, 'cause I love Vegas. I love getting pampered there. I love shopping there. Obviously, I would buy the high end stuff. But...we always had to stay in Caesar's Palace, because that's where I would shop. But we always got the Bellagio fountain view room. Because we were obsessed with watching that fountain. We thought it was really cool."

Obviously she would be the high end stuff? Because Gary Coleman was such a big celebrity, he just had cash oozing everywhere, is that it? Tell me again why it is that I would have cared where you stayed? Or shopped, for that matter. Good for you? I don't rightly know what to say to all of that. But I DO know what to say after her next little bit.

"Um, you know, our life together has not always been the best...financially. And right now...I'm struggling. You know, to, to, to figure out what I'm going to do for funeral costs. And I don't know how I'm going to survive. You know. It's been a really rough while because Gary hasn't had much work because of his health."

Soooo...let me get this straight. You bought all of the high end stuff in Vegas where, according to your own admission, went "a lot". And less than a minute after bragging about all of your high falutin' ways (I have no idea how to spell falutin', so I guessed), you're telling me you don't know what you're going to do about funeral costs? I find that hard to believe, ma'am. Very hard to believe indeed. Tell me some more tales.

OK, then. She goes on to whine that "Our finances were great when I met him. I mean, we had, we had...he had fantastic...he had a lot of work and was doing a lot of projects and stuff, but, um...now...I basically have nothing. I mean, you know, I mean he was never able to have life insurance because of his renal failure. Because of his kidney disease. He was never able to get that. (long pause) Which is SAD because, you know, that could have helped with funeral costs and everything else. Soooo, I'm just wishing and hoping that people will pour out to us and really show their compassion like they have...have been sending the letters and the emails."

Again, let me get this straight. You brag about spending money in Vegas all of the time. Next thing out of your mouth is how you hope that people will (and I'm using your words here, cupcake) "pour out to us" just like they've been doing when they send "the letters and the emails". Are you dry shaving me? You piss away all of the money and now you want people to not just help you out, you want them to pour money to you? I don't think that's such a good idea. Tell me something, didn't it cross your teeny, tiny little brain that if Gary couldn't get life insurance, then there should be some sort of ::: gasp! ::: saving going on over there? You know...saving? It's where you don't spend!!

And it's probably not a real good idea to get me started on funeral costs. For those of you kind enough to have followed this blog after the predictable demise of Corey Haim, I pointed out that you don't need a lot of money to bury someone. A little cremation and an urn can be had for under $1,000. And you can get a swell cremains plot (still oogs me out that they call them that) for under $1,000 as well. Don't be spouting off that you need thousands and thousand of dollars for burial costs. That's just a bunch of crap right there.

In another part of the interview, she begins to wax poetic about...something. It's very odd. You know how you can put your iPod on "Shuffle" and it just plays songs at random? I think that she put her vocabulary on "Shuffle" because she was just spouting word salad there for about a minute and a half. It begins...like this...

"I mean (puts her head down like she dropped a quarter or something), I mean, I feel bad you know, for Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan because they're so under the microscope. But, you know, I mean at the same time, I don't have any remorse for Lindsay. She parties all the time, you know? She's the one who makes herself look bad. You know, I...I...I used to really respect her because she had red hair and she was so cute in "Parent Trap" and stuff like that." Um...what now?

She feels bad. No, wait! She doesn't feel bad. But she...wait. She used to respect Lindsay Lohan because she had red hair? Did I hear that correctly? You base your respect of people based on hair color? Man, you must idolize Carrot Top. Seriously, what in the hell was she talking about. What do Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have to do with her husband falling down and cracking open his dome?

"But like I said, I think that Gary would have been a good role model. Because he's not into drugs. He wasn't seeny like that. (Yes, I know I typed "seeny". I listened to it four times. She said "seeny". Not "seedy". Seeny. Clearly, her linguistic abilities did not play much of a part in why he married her.) He would go out to restaurants and, you know, do his thing. (He would go to restaurants and do his thing? What sort of a thing was that? Eat? That's my thing when I go to restaurants. I eat.) You know, and live his life. But he didn't want to be a part of...he didn't want to be friends with celebrities. He told me that. He was like I don't want to be in Hollywood."

She doesn't specify just who Gary could have been a good role model to. I certainly can't picture him being a good role model for Lindsay, only because I really can't see the two of them hanging out long enough for him to be a role model. And how many times was it that he was arrested for assault? At least twice, right? Hmmm...so she can't mean that his temperament was good role model material. He was a mall cop for a while. Would he have been a good role model for shorter statured mall cops? Hard to say. Hard. To. Say.

Let's wrap this up here. "And...I really respect the guy that he didn't want to be friends with celebrities. (long pause) Because a lot of them have issues. I mean, they have everything in the world, but a lot of them want to commit suicide. (long pause) You know, they just have a negative outlook on a lot of things."

Wow. She has the ability to look deep within the soul of celebrities and tell the world what's really going on in there. How does she know this, exactly? She seems to have the facts skewed just a little bit. See, Gary would have liked to have stayed in Hollywood. But Hollywood sort of chewed him up and spit him out a long time ago. There's a reason the little dude was so angry all of the time and that had a lot to do with it.

If you are thinking about sending money to this nutjob or if you know someone who is thinking about sending money to this nutjob, do I have a deal for you! Since you clearly have more money than you know what to do with, I'd like to propose that you send the exact same amount to me. It'll go to good use. I promise! I mean, I'm sure that I would enjoy getting pampered in Vegas and buying all sort of high end stuff! Seriously. I don't have a really short husband with kidney failure who died after he fell and I couldn't be troubled by the mess of the blood to go downstairs and help him or anything, but I swear that I'm worth at least every penny that anyone would consider sending to Shannon Price.