Worst Idea Ever

I'm pretty sure that I have just run across the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Pretty sure. There are a lot of morons out there who think that they have great ideas and all, but I think that this one might be a winner. I don't know. You tell me. What do you think about the idea of drilling some holes in the floor of your house so that you can stick your legs through them and sit on the floor as you pretend that it's a freaking chair? Wait. What now?

Correct. From something called the
Mother Nature Network, we learn that a one completely clueless Martina Decker and one equally clueless Peter Yeadon (of something called Decker Yeadon), who seem really concerned with the idea that there is a lot of energy and waste that comes along with the home furnishing business. Granted, there is a lot of energy and waste that comes along with probably just about every business, but they're not discussing that. No, if they did that, it would make their highlighting of those issues seem silly. Well, sillier.

They're presenting this idea as a "zero-material seating alternative." Now, I would have thought that just sitting on the freaking floor would have been a "zero-material seating alternative", but how much press would that have gotten? None, that is correct. Here's how this works: The concept is called an OOoo Chair. What it requires is that the “owner” "...drill two circular, leg-sized holes in a floor and then line ‘em with recyclable plastic disks. Ready to sit? Remove the disks and stick your legs in the holes." Oh, for cryin' out loud. WHAT?!

Seriously, how can one justify such a completely ridiculous concept? Drilling holes in the floor to put your legs in?! What's the point of this again? If you're asking the 'designers', they'll explain that "OOoo Chair is an innovate design solution that attempts to address the energy and waste problems that are propelled by furniture production and disposal. The project intends to provoke a change in our behavior, and in our way of thinking about our furniture. The chair concept is almost as simple as sitting on the floor." Um, it IS sitting on the floor, you imbeciles!

Do they not think that drilling the holes will take energy? Do they not think that the production of the disks is going to take energy? Do they not think that not everyone wants to have two holes in their floor? And what is it that they want? To provoke a change in our behavior? It's provoked a change in MY behavior. I now want to punch 'designers'. I also want to build the wall around my walled off compound about three feet higher to keep me away from morons like these folks. Sit in a freaking chair! It's not going to kill anyone!