You Gotta Get Two Beers And Jump

Yesterday, it was all about my new hero, Steven Slater. I realize that 'hero' is probably not exactly the most accurate word to describe what he has become. He's more just like a guy that I really wish I knew and that I really wish I could have a beer with (preferrably the beer that he grabbed right before he slid down the emergency chute of that plane he had been working on). And I think that Jimmy Fallon felt the same way about the guy, which led to him composing and performing this lovely ballad in honor of the man. Enjoy it. Just be warned that the tune is going to get stuck in your head for at least a day and quite possibly for the rest of your life. It's catchy and repetitive (as is the unwritten requirement for ballads, apparently). And if anyone could explain to me what was with the woman who couldn't remember the line, I'd appreciate it. It wasn't that hard. In fact, it was downright simple. Was it stage fright? The pressure of the crowd? She seemed to be enjoying herself and she managed to get out almost half of the line before she lost confidence in herself. What happened there? Hard to say. Hard. To. Say. Oh, and if the video below doesn't play, click here to check it out. You won't be sorry. (At least, you won't be sorry until the 300th time that you've sung that song in your head. Then you might be a little sorry.)